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Originally Posted by Slamdunkpro View Post
You may have already discovered this but you can't get yellow carpet adhesive up with a grinder, the mastic just gets soft and gums up the stones. This is what we used when I did my office space. It turned a 5 day job into a half day job.
Thanks for the tip on this product. I don't think I'm going to need to go that route, but it's nice to know there's something out there. I was able to use the scraper to even out any major imperfections. And now with the floating floor and pad, hopefully I'll be good to go.

And in other news, just another day of unpleasant surprises. Ventilation guy finally showed up today, but didn't have much good news for me. The smoker simply cannot go where I had planned on thanks to all of the immovable, or incredibly expensive to move duct work directly above my proposed location.

There's only one other place to put it and that's on the opposite wall. And of course, that was all laid out for all the fountain machine equipment, CO2 tanks, etc. In fact, all the lines were already plumbed and ready to go from the last place, so reconfiguring that should be a fun project.

And the electrician is still MIA. Called the general contractor today and even he can't seem to track him down.

And of course, still no sign installed.

Overall, it's just been one of those weeks so far. But oh well, we're having a party here at the house this weekend and I'll get to cook a lot of BBQ, so that will help ease the pain.
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