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I have a pellet smoker and a stick burner. I used to have a WSM but I got rid of it.

In my opinion, the stick burner makes the best food but there is obvious effort involved in tending the fire.

When I am feeling lazy or just don't have time to tend a fire, the pellet grill does a real good job of smoking without creosote. I don't think the bark or the flavor of the smoke comes out as nice as the stickburner though but it is pretty close.

I got rid of the WSM because it had a tendency to leave a creosote flavor. I deep cleaned it every time I used it and used all natural lump to minimize smoke from binder material in most briquettes but there was always a slight hint of creosote in my food. It didn't bother most but it bothered me. I think it was due to the limited air flow in the WSM. Long cooks using a smoldering charcoal basket with limited air flow is going to create some level of bitter smoke.

I can't say I don't like charcoal because on a different cooker it may be great but my preference, for now at least, is to cook with sticks first, wood pellets second, and lastly charcoal.
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