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Default loading uds basket

fired up the uds this morning for a planned pork butt,but butcher's delivery guy never showed up.
as it was up and running I bought some ribs instead.
basket is approx 15" diameter and 9" deep,loaded with restaurant quality lumps and some oak lumps for added flavour.starter chimney had about 8-9 lumps which I transferred to the middle of basket once white.after about an hour temps rose and couldn't get them down.3/4" valve was barely cracked and still temp was about 130c(290f)
cooked using 3-2-1 method and couldn't do the last hour as they wee falling apart and coming off the bone.
tasted fantastic and family demolished them in about 5 mins
I used the minion method and am wondering where I went wrong.
my conclusion is the oak lit the ajoining charcoal and I lost control but as i'm a novice this is purely a guess.
closed drum down and temps dropped fairly quickly so I don't think there is an air leak.
can the experts show me where I went wrong as the butt has been rescheduled for the weekend
here's a pic of my fire basket set up
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