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Originally Posted by kickassbbq
In MANY states you do not have to have any licenses to cater AT Private Parties. It's kinda hard for the Health Department to RAID a Private Party. They simply don't care what someone does at their house. So, only do Priavte Parties.
Get insurance.
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I'm with Kick! The deal in Ohio, and the local counties is, that if you are doing a private event for a per person cost, and the attendees are not paying (company picnic, grad party, wedding where one party pays for everyone) then you need no permit. If guests are paying a "fee" (golf outing, class reunion, reverse raffle) that includes dinner, then you need a permit. I only do a few of these and always get a "temporary" permit. If you are doing everything correctly, it is not hard and only costs $35.00. In Ohio, you cannot cook ANYTHING in your home kitchen. I cook all food on-site (OK, well I make my sauce at home!). This is why I charge $15-$20/person. If I am serving the public at a "per plate" cost, then I need a "vendors permit." Again, all food must be cooked on-site. If I want a permanent vendors permit, I need a stainless three bay sink. I always advise that you talk to the county health dept. to see just what's up. Woody
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