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If I did 3-2-1, I'd have rib stew-chunks of meat with loose bones scattered through them. I usually cook ribs at 250-275. If I wrap, something like 2-1-1 works perfectly in my cooker and temp-they come out really tender, but with a little bite still. I agree with using a little apple juice instead of sauce when you foil. I don't sauce until the last half-hour after they're unwrapped, about fifteen minutes per side with sauce. Of course, according to some, you're an uncultured idjit who doesn't know anything about cooking or barbecue if you put sauce or seasonings on ribs or other meats. I wonder if they use salt and pepper in their cooking, or just cook everything completely natural? For that matter, what's up with adding this smoke flavor? it covers up the natural taste of the sacred pork. To have absolutely pure barbecue like they say it should be, maybe we shouldn't use any rubs or seasonings, and cook them in the oven or on a gas grill so that they're not contaminated with artificial non-pork flavors like smoke and such?
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