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Originally Posted by uncblue View Post
What is the best price & location that you've found for RO? I got this one 16 lb bag from Kmart..wallyworld was completely out...
You'll find many brands of Lump are actually Royal Oak rebagged and re-branded.


If you have a Restaurant Depot near you, they still, last I checked, had 17.6 lb bags for 8.99. That's about the cheapest you're going to find it.

In a pinch, I've gone to Gordon Food Service and gotten their lump. It's in a black bag and made by RO as well, but the size/quality just isn't the same as what I get from RD in the orange bag.

Wicked Good makes great lump, but even harder to find and nearly twice the price.

Royal Oak is made in Georgia, I'd be surprised if it wasn't plentiful somewhere near you!!
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