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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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We start delivered @$12.00 and serviced @$17.00.
PorkQPine is right, find your market, dont sell yourself short. Realize if you create a quality product, many places are now corporate & commercialized & don't smoke on site because you need experienced staff & time / something they cut out when the "economy" wasn't great ..... Only the local guys around us actually smoke in house anymore.
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You need to figure out what you want to be? The low cost guy on the block offering the cheapest meat and sides in order to make a profit or a higher priced caterer who only uses the best meats and sides? A caterer can not compete with a restaurant that does drop off and make any money at all. You can't be everything to all, pick your market. Get a website, add pictures, lots of content and pages and some special deals as your min.

I have a few packages, the one for chicken includes cole slaw, baked beans and rolls. Min price is $13.95 per person plus 15% gratuity and sales tax with a 50 person min.

Pricing is really something that is driven by the area you are in. I am in an affluent area so my prices work, I'm not the cheapest and not the most expensive. I cook on-site and provide servers to dish the food at a buffet table and I include plates, utensile, napkins and condiments.

I have a friend in an even more affluent area and has been in business longer and his min price is $17.95 per person with 75 people min.
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