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Originally Posted by mep View Post
I was actually wanting information regarding the merits of the two different types of smokers more than the brands.
I too have looked at Pitmaker and the Assassin 28. I am pretty confined I will go with the Assassin based on what I've read here and on the web. Overall, Pitmaker appears to make a solid product, but some people complain about runaway temps. Although it looks like that's close to being solved with the new ball valve system.

I really like Assassin because I've read that the builder, Jeff (?) also builds Rebel and Superior and that Assassin is his own brand. He has taken what he likes and combines the best of the products to produce his. If you read about Superior or Rebel smokers, the owners all love their unit.

I have yet to call Assassin or see one in action, but my lengthy research and initial impression leads me to believing i will be buying one fairly soon.
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