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somebody shut me the fark up.

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My gawds, the food safety, you'll kill someone with your illegal BBQ, man, I just don't know anymore!

If you are delivering hot and ready to eat, the traditional thing is that it costs a bit more, this is largely due to the perception that you provided more of a service in cooking to order. However, the best way to do this, as always, is to price your product out, include all costs and charge for profit (which, I assume you want to make a little on this). Normally, for a BBQ place, you would look to 3x cost, for a full service place, 4x cost. Since you are doing cold delivery, pre-packaged and there is no service, I think you have to look at 2x to 2.5x costs for a price.

Out of curiosity, what are the local 'competitors' charging? Even if your food is significantly better, you are not going to be able to exceed their cost per pound. You will need to consider comparable market values. Do not just match them, but, consider that you will need to justify costs if yours are higher.
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