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Default Nailed it!! First Succesful Brisket!

Now I get it! I've flubbed my previous two attempts at brisket and to be honest when I ate them I didn't understand what the fuss was about. Now I understand the fuss 100%. :)

My last two tries I'd cooked at 225 for 16-20hrs and both times the meat was dry and somewhat tough. The flavor on the first one was not good, the second one was just ok. This one went out of the park (probably luck, I'll see if I can back it up next time).

I figured why not try a different approach with this guy. I injected it last night and rubbed it this morning with Plowboys Beef. Put it on the egg with some smoke at 300. It powered through to 180 degrees and I cooled the egg down to 250. It worked its way up to 201 internal and I pulled and wrapped it. I set it in our toaster oven for two and a half hours at 180 degrees because it was too big to fit in my cooler.

Pulled it out and just ate lunch with some Blues Red Sauce to dip. My good Lord this thing was phenomenal. My wife and I were both blown away. All we ate was flat, I cubed the point for burnt ends later on down the road.

Didn't get any cooking pics but I have a few of the finished meat:


Cubed up point for burnt ends:

It might not be the prettiest brisket, but I'm telling you guys, this thing is delicious, moist, and tender.
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