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Originally Posted by aawa View Post
Plowboy's yardbird is more salty than it is sweet.

A good option for sweet rub is Simply Marvelous Cherry Rub and then add in a secondary layer of Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction. This is my go to rub combination on ribs. I did a rack of full spares last night (no foil or sauce) and they loved it. It has a very natural sweetness that isn't overly sweet.

If you like your ribs sweeter you can do a foil step, where you put in butter, brown sugar, honey/agave nectar. Add in hotsauce if you want to give it a sweet heat, add more rub in to give it a little bit more salt/base flavor. Be careful with how much brown sugar/honey/agave nectar you use, the ribs might turn out with a very candied meat flavor where you lose the taste of pork.
I agree with Plowboys being saltier than sweet. I also agree on Sweet Seduction, never tried Cherry (yet).
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