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So my original plans changed slightly. I was going to use the original Brinkmann charcoal pan, drill some holes in it for airflow, put on some bolt legs and use a grate to hold the coals up. However, my wife mentioned to me a "Tailgating" grill given to me by my mother-in-law several years back, and that I should see if I could use any parts from that (Reason 756 that I love my wife). Anyway the brand was one I never heard of and I honestly dont remember it as I type this, but I will post it later, but the pan looked perfect...even though this was designed as a gas grill. So I drilled 4 new holes for my bolt legs and this was my new charcoal pan:

This pan was much larger than the original Brinkmann, but it still fin inside the lava pan nicely. Unfortunately I could no longer use the Weber grate I was originally going to use so I used the other piece from this set, which was just a concave piece of aluminum with bunch of holes in it.

Now my only gripe with this, is that this grate sits a little high in the pan, limiting the amount of charcoal I can put in at once.

Does anyone think it would be a problem if I eminiated this grate? I already have the lava pan for regulating airflow, and this new charcoal pan has plenty of holes on the bottom and vents on the side for airflow. All opinions are appreciated.

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