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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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For the bottom dampers, I lined up the first one so that the slider tab was lined up with the side of the lava pan and drilled the 1/4" hole so the bolt would fit through. These dampers were weber replaccement dampers and were concave (or convex depending on how you look at it). To flatten them out I simply put them on a rug and stepped on them. The rug was needed due to the stopper tabs at the bottom.

Once I drilled the hole and put in the bolt, I then marked the 3/4" holes by using the stopper tabs seen above. I lined up the slider Tab to be even with the lava pan. This would be the center of the hole and the damper open 50%.

I finished my cuts and placed the damper. I'll be repeating this for the 2nd damper.

More to come!
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