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Originally Posted by boogiesnap View Post
thanks guys,i appreciate every word!

moose, i been to LA many times, but never got to eat at pinks...the line was always too darn long. the chili recipe seems to be quite a secret(unless you find where they buy it from, but i didn't have time get it shipped;)), so i used a tommy's burger chili clone. it was good with the dog. missing the brinyness of hearts and liver though....

overall it was a successfull day, my daughter had her first corn dog(actually TWO!)made by the one and only DAD.

and i had my first chicago dog, which i was susipicious of, but as it turns out was KILLER.
The line at Pink's is NEVER too long!

And in a pinch, you can use Hormel Chili (no beans) and chop the meat up little finer.

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