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Default a hot dog tour of the US

so i decided i would recreate a sampling of some hotdogs from around the US. here's what i came up with.

i decided on a pinks chili cheese dog from LA., a texas fair cornie, a classic chicago dog, and a new york pushcart dog with onion sauce. i also added my own concoction, an oakridge habenero death dust coated dog with mayo and sweet onion relish.

here's some pics and commentary:

i mades ome simple hotdog chili. bacon and the grease to make a simple roux, some ground beef, beef broth, chili sauce, chili, onion, garlic powder, salt and pepper. a bit of vinegar and cayenne to boot.

i also made some ny onion sauce. butter and sliced onions cooked down until brown and soft and then a bit of ketchup and cinnamon added along with some water. all stirred and simmered for about 20 minutes.

i also made a corn dog batter with corn meal, flour, egg, and milk with a bit of baking powder. a dash of sugar and cayenne added.

after that i assembled all my ingredients and equipment. i used two nathans natural casing dogs and 6 hebrew national. my two goto brands. sabretti is pretty darn good too.

i slow roasted the dogs in my smoky joe until they started to sweat. lordy i love hot dogs....

i took some of grilled dogs then deep fried my texas cornies...there's only one cause my little girl ate the other two already!!!! with that, the cook was a success!

i then began assembly. from left to right.
pinks chili dog, a chicago dog with sport peppers, pickle, tomatoe, relish, mustard, and celery salt, a new york dog with spicy mustard and onions, my own HDD dog, and in front a classic texas cornie with mustard.

thanks for looking.

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