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Default How Much Hickory is Too Much? - Funny

We competed in a wing and rib comp yesterday. The team cooking next to us was using a big charcoal grill with the fire built at one end.

During the comp, they used two of the LARGE bags of hickory chunks (plus kept adding MATCHLIGHT charcoal during the cook. Two hours into the cook (at 250 F) he asked me why his ribs looked burned. I suggested he foil and stop adding hickory (he was smoking us out).

I also cautioned him to not keep the ribs in foil too long since the meat would be falling off the bone. He said there was no way the meat would fall off the bone because that only happens when you boil ribs.

In the end he was DQd for raw chicken. He says he knew it was done because it was dark in color plus he fed 100 friends and they all said it was delicious.

He claims the judging was rigged.
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