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Originally Posted by mroutdoorcooking View Post
Hi people,

I am as new to the forum as am I to the Cyber Q Wifi...I ordered mine last week and I am awaiting the pretty little thing...

BUT...I am a developer for iOS and created some great apps already! So...thank you so much for the research on this specific topic. Is there anybody willing and able to support in designing an compelling front end for a universal iOS app based on the iOS 7 specifications? Of course the app will be AWESUM and ASS KICKING for hardcore nerdy-grilling-pitmastering-uhh.....well...smartphone owners most likely :P

Happy to hear from you...I'll start the technical work as soon as it is evident how the user interface should work to help us Q'ers in our grilling journeys :D
PM sent.

if you have the chance to check out the user interface for the iGrill app, it's kind of cool - and may be a place to start. there's a few things I want them to change, but they don't listen worth a crap.
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