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Originally Posted by KentuckyLandSales View Post
Wow, you all are awesome! Thank you. I didn't have my email notification on, so I thought you all forgot me. :-)

These are some GREAT ideas. I often smoke those little corned beefs you get at Wal Mart to make pastrami - and thought of corning my own briskets. But it seems too much like a project.

I find out I can buy full packer briskets 10 lbs. - corned and seasoned from my wholesaler from IBP. 3.50/lb, but they are all done.

I going to do that on the CTO tomorrow early to serve to friends.

I'm originally from the Northeast, so there are plenty of ethnic folk there - and I've eaten my weight at Jewish delis. There's hardly anything better than a Pastrami on rye bread with good mustard - and it shaved ultra thin. I don't have a meat slicer - I'm a Texas brisket guy for fark-sake!

How am I gonna get that pastrami sliced real thin without a slicer - or do I take it to 200 degrees and serve it like thin brisket - 1/4 or less?

When I make pastrami, I take it to about 165* on the smoker, and then finish in the oven in my turkey roaster to steam it the rest of the way.

But yes, I take it to 200* or so, rest and slice. You could slice it thinner by getting really cold before slicing, but then you'd have to reheat it.

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