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Originally Posted by spedly View Post
So are you saying that you have your Guru turned on 24/7/365 and are using the same username and password to access it as you use across other sites and platforms?

I'm an IT security expert. If you're concerned about security I'd be happy to chat.
My concern is that the software displays everything (passwords) in plain text. In addition, it collected my wifi username and password (again in plain text).
Why an app needs that info when the o/s maintains that is beyond me.
Free or not, I'm going to be changing my home network password and saying hasta la vista to the app, as much as it saddens me.

If there comes a time that I didn't need to store info on their server (which we know nothing about the security of) and /or the app (which should only require info like Internal /external IP address and ports (and maybe user/pass for guru), I may reconsider.

Sometimes free isn't free, especially when some hacker could grab their database and have a field day with our identities.
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