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Originally Posted by GC8 View Post
I'm a n00b to Webers/smokers/grills/etc but have been consistently browsing Craigslist for some good finds. Problem is, I don't know a good price when I see one...unless it's free of course!

With that being said, I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated thread to Craigslist finds or Craigslist questions that people have. Every day, I see a potential purchase but have no idea if it's worth the asking price.

I'll start with a post that I've seen renewed a few times. Smokey Joes for $15. Worth it?
I'd happily pay $15 for the Weber "Tuck and Carry" w/ the wood handle...

Originally Posted by GC8 View Post
Sounds good, thanks for the heads up. While I'm in here though...I've found another little gem. What do you guys think? I've requested bigger/better pics but I just know I don't see these around very often. I'll obviously offer him less since that's how the game is played
...and to me, if that really is a yellow Weber, $50 is not a bad price at all. Just my opinion, though. I like the older grills...
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