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Default Cooking my first injection concoction

So....For Fathers day, my family bought me a stainless injector with two needles.
Today I bought two pork butts.
Sounds simple enough. A marriage made in heaven, you might say.

My goal is to fire up the grill first thing tomorrow morning. I've trimmed the two butts, rubbed them down with a simple mix of fresh ground black pepper, Cayenne, and garlic powder, wrapped them back up in the butcher paper and put them back in the fridge until tomorrow morning. I would have used something fancier, but I've run out of rub.

Yet, due to lack of planning, here's how my first injection is going to go......

I've got my large cast iron skillet out, put a bit of water in it, and will render down the fat from the two pork butts. In the pan, I've got the same mixture I'm using on the butts, except here I've got a bit of dried, crushed rosemary for a bit of extra flavor.

This is, after all, my first injection.
So due to my lack of planning, that's what I've got.
The butts are wrapped back up in the butcher paper and rubbed down.
The fat is on the cast iron.

More later.......

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