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Originally Posted by Moose View Post
Yes, that would be the reverse sear as you describe it, and the only way I cook large pieces of meat as it cooks much more evenly that the traditional way.

As to the coal problem you mention, what works for me is to dump about half a chimney starter of lit coals over about 2-3 times as many unlit coals, spread them evenly over the unlit coals, then add chunks of whatever smoking wood I'm in the mood for. This method easily can get me a solid 3 hours of cook time if I need it. In the case of a filet, the cook time is pretty short, probably around 30-45 mins, so at that point, the coals are at their hottest point for that final sear. I usually do the sear when the internal temp of the meat hits about 110 degrees.
Great idea Moose. Definitely going to do that next time. Will be sure to post pics.
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