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Originally Posted by GC8 View Post
I'm a n00b to Webers/smokers/grills/etc but have been consistently browsing Craigslist for some good finds. Problem is, I don't know a good price when I see one...unless it's free of course!

With that being said, I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated thread to Craigslist finds or Craigslist questions that people have. Every day, I see a potential purchase but have no idea if it's worth the asking price.

I'll start with a post that I've seen renewed a few times. Smokey Joes for $15. Worth it?
New WSJ's are $30, so worth it? That depends on you, but it is 1/2 price. I bought one a few weeks back for $5. Listed at $10, would've paid $10, but never hurts to ask :)
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