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Default Help with Schwenkbraten

Anyone here familiar with Schwenkbraten? When I was stationed in Germany a few decades ago, this was hands down my favorite thing to eat. It's a fairly fatty pork steak about 3/4" thick cooked on a swing/grate rig over a beechwood fire, served on a roll.

I've been thinking about it, off and on, for years and would love to figure out how to make it at home. I have some specific questions, but I'm open to anyone's tips, tricks or suggestions.

First, traditionally, it was cooked over beechwood. Any idea where that's available, or what kind of wood I could substitute that would be similar?

Second, I'm not sure what cut of meat it was. Pork, obviously, but I want to say it was a steak from the Pork Neck. But it's been so long. Would I need to go to a butcher for this? Is the neck sold under another name, or is there a cut that would substitute?

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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