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Originally Posted by ButtBurner View Post
I did not know you live in Detroit.
I do have some first cousins in Flint.

Originally Posted by jamus34 View Post
My folks moved out there from NJ....but I can tell you they're the furthest thing from the yuppie NY'er mentality.

Me personally I'm looking forward to moving out (although not nearly as far as I would really like). More and more I find that I really dislike the town I live in and the people (both the kids themselves and the parents of the kids) that my children are getting to know.

I'm most definitely not a "mountain man" type...don't once in a blue moon but never cleaned and kept my catch. But I like to BBQ...and I like to try to do home projects on my own within reason...Apparently things like mowing your own yard, putting in a garden and putting up a clothesline are extremely frowned upon in my town...ironic thing is growing up the town I lived in now was all working class WWII vets. Real shame where things have gotten to.

Now I'm just trying to bide my time til I can get out to west Jersey and get a little more property and not worry about my neighbors one way or the other.
I can't imagine living under all those ordinances and condescending neighbors. I couldn't imagine living without a big vegetable garden, for that matter. Mosta people around here have chickens running around in their yards, and you can geneally see at least a dozen cows from any given place at any given time, along with goats, horses, mules, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, guinesfowl, and such. One of our local amusements is sitting on the porch shooting at carpenter bees with a .22 pistol.

Originally Posted by firefighter4634 View Post
Now that is my kind of living!!! Do you have a still in along the creek bed to make some fresh shine
I don't personally.
...Half a yard full of crap to cook on like everybody else...

Slow-to-average-speed [COLOR=dimgray]GRAY[/COLOR] Wal-Mart thermometer

Just a hungry hillbilly lookin for a dead critter to cook

Four [URL=""]Zeros[/URL] in one [URL=""][COLOR=red]throwdown[/COLOR][/URL][COLOR=red],[/COLOR] baby! :bow:
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