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Unhappy Weird Pork Butt

I opened a pork butt this evening. Danged thing still had the hide on it except for an area that was facing up int the package. Weight was 10# and was in a cryovac package.

I spent over 20 minutes trying to trim off the pig hide off it. Cut off about 80% of the hide and said enough. Got really frustrated and seasoned it and it is now on the Big Steel Keg.

Just curious as I have cooked well over a few thousand pounds of pork butts but have never experienced this ever in my life.

I bought this butt at a very large chain store here in Michigan called Meijer Thrifty Acres.

The meat department mgr. is a really good friend of mine. He will hear from me in the morning.

I also have cooked whole shoulders with hide on them but never a bone in pork butt.

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