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Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
If that is the case, then the owner of the restaurant doesn't have a proper training program in place. Nobody working in a restaurant should be interacting with diners unless they know how to talk to the diners about the food with knowledge and confidence.

Well, I am late with this reply, I had to go eat for a few hours.

But, here is my take.

If I am at a fine dining restaurant, and we can say that means sit down, waitstaff, entrees in the $25+ range, then I fully expect that I will get a professional waiter (be that female or male), who fully understands any question I ask, and knows to either answer me, or to get me an immediate answer. If the expected tab is $100 or more, even with beverage per person, I expect that answer to be done immediately and with a smile. Any question, answered right. I often get this service around here, and when it is from a lower cost place, I am even more thrilled.

From a place where I expect my tab to be less than $30 per person, I expect the food to be good, for the service to include basic pleasantries and enough staff or knowledge to at least offer me some feedback. If the cook can answer, all the better. But, I do not expect any of the wait or line staff to answer everything I might ask. I consider the fact that they offered a sample for free to be acceptable as an answer, I would gladly have tried it. If it was not acceptable, I would have asked if there was something else on the menu.

BUT, I have worked in restaurants, vending and catering, I have served thousands and thousands of meals. And there is one truth, that no matter what, all too often, people treat you like a failure, like food service is somehow where losers or idiots work. Tell me, would you feel good if that wait girl was your daughter? Did you treat her as you would have a stranger treat your daughter? Or did you treat her like she failed you and was ignorant?
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