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Originally Posted by Drh7003 View Post
Yesterday, my municipality posted an "Open Burning" ordinance reminder on Facebook. With a Ending line - "
An electric or gas grill is permitted for cooking of food." Today after a great number of citizen comments this was added "
Grills, BBQ's, related cooking devices of food preparation for human consumption are excepted"

Well, That isn't what the ordinance says, but if that is their interpretation, then I am somewhat good with it. I just ponder the implications in the future.

I "believe" the main concern of the municipality is the influx of open fire pits, fire bowls and Chiminea, or as they call it "ambience" fires. Our borough has a population of around 1100 people, and it used to be a really nice place to live. BUT a new development was built with pretty expensive homes with people who moved here from other states. It will be really interesting at the next meeting...

My dogs would make me move.
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