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Originally Posted by bigbeef24 View Post
Just finishing a prime brisket and have it in the cooler still wrapped. Ive read some different times and a little concerned that it is going to continue to cook. Any suggestions or tips?


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If I'm cooking to an internal temp of 200, I'll pull the brisket at 195 and put it in the cooler. It'll climb another 5 to 6 degrees and then start slowly coming back down. I usually let it rest in there still wrapped for two hours or more letting it hold at about 200 degrees for as long as it want's to before it begins it's decent in temperature. While it's doing so any connective tissues that are left will let go and the juices go back to the center resulting in a very tender piece of meat. So in short, I pull the brisket about 5 degrees before the target temp is reached and rest it for two hours or more. When I cut it it's still almost too hot to handle and it wobbles on the cutting board due to a lack of connective tissues to hold it together!
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