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Originally Posted by Gnaws on Pigs View Post
I'm amazed there are any rich yankees left up there to mess y'all up, I thought they had all already moved to Florida and here in western NC. that's why I like living out here in the woods in the middle of nowhere-I can build huge bonfires, pee off the front porch, shoot automatic weapons all day, skin deer hung off a tree in the yard, let my grass get waist high, or anything else that I durn well want to do.
My folks moved out there from NJ....but I can tell you they're the furthest thing from the yuppie NY'er mentality.

Me personally I'm looking forward to moving out (although not nearly as far as I would really like). More and more I find that I really dislike the town I live in and the people (both the kids themselves and the parents of the kids) that my children are getting to know.

I'm most definitely not a "mountain man" type...don't once in a blue moon but never cleaned and kept my catch. But I like to BBQ...and I like to try to do home projects on my own within reason...Apparently things like mowing your own yard, putting in a garden and putting up a clothesline are extremely frowned upon in my town...ironic thing is growing up the town I lived in now was all working class WWII vets. Real shame where things have gotten to.

Now I'm just trying to bide my time til I can get out to west Jersey and get a little more property and not worry about my neighbors one way or the other.
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