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Originally Posted by Grain Belt View Post
Weber dominates the charcoal grill market. They dominate the 400-550 market with their Spirit line. They dominate the 650-850 market with their Genesis line. Their Summit line does very well at 1700+. The WSM does quite well. If I was part of their team I would just continue to design and innovate within their areas of greatness. They certainly could throw us a curve and get into the Kamado world but I don't really see it.
All of what you state is true, but why kill...or let die the Ducane brand?
One could argue that Weber was competing with themselves with both the Ducane Affinity line and the Spirit line. So discontinuing the Affinity line might make some strategic sense. But Ducane is still a solid brand that Weber paid a lot for. Would make perfect business sense to sell a new(to Weber) product line in clearly growing market segment.
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