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Originally Posted by Foxfire View Post
I think this new cart model is pretty interesting, but to be honest, it's neither a deal breaker or deal maker for me, personally, and given my cooking space, I like the mobility of the old tripod version. I've been going back and forth between getting an Akorn or a ceramic kamado for months now, and have decided with the cookers I already own, the Akorn will suit my needs nicely, and with no regrets. I'm likely to pull the trigger on a standard 3-wheel Akorn before the weekend.

That said, I'm going to be really interested in following this cooker and it's marketing. Am I the only one that has to wonder if a kamado maker seems to be squarely modeling itself after a Weber product with similar price point, you'd have to think there has to have been a meeting at Weber at some point weighing the pros and cons of entering the kamado market -- particularly the steel body one given their quality in that area and the way the Steel Keg and Akorn marketing has gone so far... right?
I think you are correct and now that Weber, as of April 2013 has discontinued the Ducane line of gas grills, its entirely possible that we see Ducane kamados. It only makes sense.
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