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Default Is 99 cents a pound worth it?

Here's the story. And so you know, it's not over.

Last night I stopped at my local Lowes Foods and while in the meat department I noticed that they were having a sale on Boston butt for 99 cents a pound. Know that's a good price, I look into the cooler and see these monstrously large Boston butts. The smallest one was 8.5 pounds. I started to reach in to grab a few when it dawned on me that if this hunk of meat took 1.5 hours per pound that I was looking at a 12 hour cook time. For me, running the smoker for 12 hours is longer than I like and one of the reasons I don't do brisket that often. So I stopped myself from grabbing one and continued my shoppping.

The problem is that it's been over 12 hours and I'm still thinking about those hunks of meat. If I get one, I'll have to go to bed early on Friday and get up around 8:00 on a Saturday, something I don't usually do.

So, I've posted a poll and I'd like everyone's opinion.

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