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Default Pizza Making Video, This is how it's done

Watch the masters and see how its done. To scale down the dough recipe is easy weigh your flour and then multiply by the following percentages. Water 69%, Salt 2.2% Yeast .54% Thats all, no oil, or sugar, potato flakes, no Nada!

If using a KitchenAide stand mixer note that the yeast and the water go first, I add 20% of the flour and mix with the water and yeast at a medium setting, for about 3 minutes and then let it rest. This will activate the yeast. Restaurant Depo has fresh yeast, it works wonders for your flavor profile. The result should be foamy and bubbled, if not the yeast is no good. STOP and start anew with good yeast!

This video will show you how to make the dough balls properly, which is very important to follow because it stretches the gluten fibers and that is what makes the crust spring in the oven/kettle/kamado etc. Steam in the first seconds, if you can produce it, will also give your crust a nice warm color, (Think French Bread)

Pay attention to the beginning of the video where they are stretching the dough for the individual pie, this is key. Also notice how soft the dough is. It is for this reason that the dough is slapped and the air is forced from the middle of the dough ball out to the edges for a nice bubbly crust when finished. This pies are not spun or tossed and don't use a rolling pin if you want a nice crust. Practice makes perfect.

Enjoy the show.

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