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Default Cast Iron Grates ... GRRRRR .... w/ pic .... help

So I normally handle my cast iron fairly decent. I keep it in good condition etc. My pans and griddles usually stay in good shape.

And then there is this grate....

The grate over the direct heat of my PG-500 is a PITA to try and keep seasoned.

Last night I used a cast iron griddle to cook some steaks on because I wanted to crust up the whole surface of the steak so I had cast iron on cast iron action which seemed to take the rust action to the next level.

I was also cooking over 600 degrees for quite some time with all the steaks I cooked.

Take a look at the picture below please. This is after re-seasoning several times. Notice the still rust colored sheen it has even though it is wiped clean and seems to be at bare metal. I imagine this is because it has lost all the original seasoning. Maybe the grill oil spray I'm using isn't cutting it? I usually spray before and after the cook and sometimes even inbetween meats if it seems to be getting extra "dried out".

Any thoughts here? Maybe coat it with some Crisco lard or something? I'm getting annoyed at not being able to keep this one in good shape.

Thanks guys. I know the brain-trust here can help if anyone can.

P.S. Ignore the smoke. I was in the process of re-re-re-seasoning it.

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