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Good reply George. Every Pitmaker owners needs are different. i do feel that 1 single valve is not enough airflow to adjust for the shock of a big load, but still, its real easy to overshoot the set temp with a big roaring fire once the meat heats up. I'm pro Pitmaker. One piece of advise I can offer from one of your posts on the Facebook about always wanting to hear from customers about feedback to make a better product. If you ever just made the vault solely with ball valves, you would alleviate the temp problems of some new vault owners therefore lowering the concern for temp control all together. When it gets windy as hell or rainy, I close up the exhaust a little and let the guru do the rest. Everyone at cook offs that sees mine, and how little I work, they are jealous and call me a cheater lol. Work smarter not harder.
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