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Originally Posted by Lockon View Post
When sticking a brisket with a temp probe (stay in probe), where do you place it? I always put it at the thicket point (vertical) but I am not thinking I might be placing it in a fatty section (where the flat and point meet) of the brisket?? Anyone have any pictures (yes I am a bit dense and need pictures to help) to show where you place your probe? Also, I keep hearing "probe test done" what and where is this actually done?

Thanks in advance
Well I don't have pictures but I'll try to describe everything as well as I can. The thermometer probe should be placed into the flat, (the thinner, leaner part) at the base of the point, (the thicker fattier part) which is right where there is a top section of the brisket with a grain that runs in the opposite direction. So if you look at the point as a little hill you would want to place your probe at an angle into the base of the hill and under it so that the end is half way into the flat under the point. As far as "probing" you would want to probe in several places for tenderness, not any one particular spot. I probe a few spots in the flat and a few in the point to see how consistently the probe slides into the meat. Hope this helps!
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