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Originally Posted by foam2 View Post
I think you need to play with your intakes a little more. I have the same intake arrangement as you and I typically run one 3/4" pipe nipple completely open, one closed, and the last one has a 3/4" ball valve that is about half open which gets me to about 250 degrees. Try the next cook and adjust your intakes before you make any additional changes to your exhaust.
Thank you for your comments. The problem I'm having is that (if I understand things correctly) I do not have much room to play. Two of my 3/4" holes are plugged. The third one is already partially closed.

Am I correct in thinking that shutting more of that 3rd intake would be a bad idea? Or is it okay to shut off the intake to almost nothing?

Perhaps I need to start with 10 coals instead of 15. Not sure what kind of difference that will make. But perhaps worth a shot.

Thank you.
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