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225 isn't out of line, but wondering why it takes so long to cook things at that temp is slightly out of line lol. I cooked a 5.5 lb butt in 7 hours on my OTS using the ring of fire method last week. Rested for 2 hours, pulled and it was awesome. No foil, no spritz/mop, no peeking. Flipped it once in middle of cook.

I cooked at 280-320ish the whole time, and the smoke flavor and smoke ring was wonderful. I always put my meat on cold so it has more time in the cooker before "done". I don't see a reason to lower temps to get more smoke flavor on the meat.

I never checked the temp of that butt, just waited till I saw the bone extending before testing for probe tender. My guess is it was in the 205 area when I pulled it.

Bludawg is right with his rules for success. Especially with pork butts, there is no reason to warm them to death. The fat renders better with higher temps, and the stall is almost non existent.
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