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New guy here. Been spending a lot of time reading and most UDS links lead here. Now, I didn't sit down and read all 733 pages of this thread (Wow!) but I ready quite a few. I got my UDS all assembled last weekend and gave it a test run, and for Fathers day we gave it a full run and I have to say I'm super duper happy with my results.

One note though, my 2" hole saw is apparently for wood only because I only successfully made a shiny circle in my lid. So I painted over the shiny circle and used my 1 1/2" uni bit to make the biggest hole it could make. Turns out it's perfect. With the ball valve fully open and that exhaust size, my smoker with calibrated thermometer holds right smack at 225F. Perfect for some Brisket here in Texas!

Oh yea, one other note...just a small relatively unknown fact is that a 55 gallon drum WILL fit in the back of a MINI Cooper. Best part of my purchase of said drum was when I proudly pulled it out and set it on the driveway, watching my wife wrinkle her nose and say "And just WHAT is THAT?" Wasn't long before she was asking how long for some breakfast fatties though.

Here's the smoker...nothing special, just a run of the mill UDS that works very well thanks to all the info you guys have provided.

Yes, still need to find me a domed lid, doesn't seem to be as easy for me as for others.

First cook though turned out well. Armadillo Eggs, Moinks, Hot Links and Brisket.

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