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Originally Posted by coastal View Post
I agree with this. I have had great BBQ at places that dont know much about the cut and bad bbq from places that think they are experts. That guy has probably been smokin the same cut of brisket 50 times a day for years. Who cares if he didnt know what it was.

I was in our local joint last year where a guy was giving him hell about the temp he served his meat at and about how he went to culinary school so he should know bla bla bla. He pissed everyone off in the place and left then I saw he wrote a review on yelp about how bad the food was and the service. That particular guy was going to eat bad bbq no matter what was put in front of him because of his attitude.

The place you were at may have been terrible and may have deserved it but I choose to vote with my wallet and never go back if thats the case. I will even tell everyone I see not to go, but I wont say it in their place of business. But thats just me.

Sounds like you didnt create a scene or anything and this isnt entirely directed at you, I understand you not wanting to order if you didnt think you would like it. But I just remember that guy last year and he was uncalled for
I agreed with your entire reply, til I saw the 'sounds like you didn't create a scene'. Completely opposite reaction from me, I read the OP's story, and immediately concluded he *did* create a scene.

Right off the bat, he's asking a minimum wage clerk kid to identify the meat as point or flat. That's an aggressive act, IMO done solely to establish his level of expertise.

If you go to a bbq place, you don't ask what part of the brisket it's from, you just order the brisket! And if it's wonderful, you go again!

To the OP:

The fact that your wife asked you if you would behave like this at future bbq places, indicated to me that you did indeed have a hissy fit. I'm picturing you right now announcing to your family at the bbq joint (but loud enough for everyone around to hear) that you weren't ordering anything, and you spent the rest of your time in there with your arms crossed, shaking your head.

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