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Default No Look Brisket - Lessons and Pron

So I decided to do two things with the UDS that I hadn't done before:

Run it overnight unattended and
Run no probes in the meat. I would go by feel.

I know...I am just tempting Fate......especially when one of the meats is a brisket.

So I rub both butts and the brisket after trimming it:

And I pop it them into the UDS at 10:50PM.

Trader Joe's briquettes, cherry / mesquite wood chunk mix.

The brisket has a pan underneath it, and the fat cap is up (it was a coin flip. Bigmista says there's virtually no difference, and I have a pan to catch the drippings to minimize flare ups).

I sleep amazingly well, considering that I could be waking up to nearly 30 pounds of charcoal ABOVE my fire basket.

I get up, and lo and behold, the UDS had held temperature!

I take my first peek at the 10 hour mark:

The butts feel good and the bone wiggles (IT is 203), so off they go to the cooler, so they can wait for their beefy brother to finish.

The brisket is probe tender in the point, but not the flat, so I leave it on for another two hours.

(In retrospect, I should have wrapped/foiled it).

I pull the brisket and the flat is nearly falling apart:

It's tasty, but a bit dry.

I chop up some of the point because Mrs. SJ loves some chopped brisket, and try to make burnt ends with the rest.

No pictures of the butts, because they came out perfect!

Lessons learned:

I'm going fat cap down next time.

I will wrap/foil it.

I will use my Thermapen (The Uberfast British Racing Green model that I got the day after this cook) to check temps in the flat at the 10 hour mark.
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