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Default 4lb butt for 10 hrs?

I figured i'd share this and see if anybody has any ideas on why it may have taken these so long to cook. I cooked 2 butts, each 4 lb bone in butts the other day. One was in my BWS party, the other was in my UDS. I was doing a side by side comparison. Ran both @ 225 and both held steady temp the entire time. Had temp probes in each butt and also verified temps with thermapen. Put them on @ 3:00pm. Wrapped them both @ 165 internal @ 11:00pm, pulled both off smoker and put them in oven @ 350 (by this point I just wanted them to finish so I could go to bed). Finally @ 1:00am they hit 195 and I shut the oven down and let them rest til 5:00am. They both tasted fine i've just never had butts take that long. Normally @ 225 they take about an hour and a half a pound.
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