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Eh, everyone has their own standards, but thumbing your nose at it without even ordering anything isn't my cup of tea. Sure, it may not have been great brisket and the guy cooking may not have a BBQ background to meet higher standards. But if I stopped into a place because I was hungry and needed a bite to eat, I'd at least give it a shot even if my first impressions weren't great.

I think of it how I think of beer. I'm a card carrying beer snob. I brew my own, I hate the watered down massed-produced domestic lagers, etc. But when I go golfing I don't throw my arms up when I get to the clubhouse because they aren't stocking Pliny the Elder or my local favorite, Bell's Two-Hearted. I know I'm going to be forced to pay $15 or more for a sixer of Bud Light and be thankful for the privilege. I don't like it and I don't want to support it, but it comes with the territory. That goes for any restaurant, too. When I ask for the beer list or inquire about certain beers, I don't write a place off simply because the servers have no clue, or even if the managers or anyone else doesn't know their head from their ass when it comes to craft beer.

Right or wrong, that's an individual call. But my philosophy is to try anything once. Intuition may be correct and it sucks, but more often than not, I've found that even stopping at places that don't look/feel good, or sometimes even have poor reviews, turn out to be far better than expected if you give them a chance.
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