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Default How wrong was I?

I had to pick up my daughter from a weekend of camping today. On the way down I passed a bbq restaurant and knew we were going to be enjoying a conversation over bbq in a few hours. There was a smoke house on the side of the building with a thin blue cloud coming out that you could see from the far side of the parking lot. Ironically as you walk in there is a neon no smoking sign to greet you. The entire sitting room had the sweet smell of smoke you could almost watch as it entered your nostrils! This is unfortunately where the joy stopped! They had 4 sandwiches, one of which was brisket. The girl at the counter couldn't tell me if it was flat or point. Now for the worst part, she turns and asks the guy managing the place. He says "the fat all renders out". I again asked if it flat, the thinner more lean part or the point which is a more gelatinous part. Brisket is brisket he says, we cook it with the fat on and trim what ever is left when its done. Then he asked me if I wanted to taste it. Maybe I'm wrong for doing this but I did it anyway. I told the wife and kid to get what they wanted but I wasn't going to get anything. I can't support a place that has no clue what they are selling! We did not stay. Then the wife says is this how it's gonna be at all bbq places? How wrong was I?
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