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Hello My Fellow BBqers!!!!!

So I wont point out the obvious on why I am posting here I am very very interested in this Golden Lion ATC. Yes there is Aubur, stoker and pitmaster IQ. But this, this is very very intersting also the price point is amazing!! Given what I have read through this forum and what Gizzard had explaind about once you get this up and running correctly it offers the same if not better features than digidx2. Here is what my rig is (or what I am going to purchase soon) Weber OTG, the reason the kettle because id like to do both grill and smoke at the same time. Now the questions

1.) I know that there was a Ramp down feature in the digidx2 and I have read a little here that this can acutally do that as well?

2.) Is there an specail adapter I can user for the weber kettle?

3.) Setup, Id like to just make it KISS but given the circumstances this is acceptable, id like to be cooking low and slow, from over nice cooks of brisket, and butts and a few hours for some ribs. Just want to almost set it and forget it. From reading the above I read about instructions that were suppose to come out were they ever made?

4.) Power, i noticed there that there is battery setup while browsing this forum? Is there no power supply for this?

5.) Is this product reliable enough to do what it is is set out to do or will i regret the purchase?

Thanks for all the help guys and sorry for the long and drawn out questions. I just want to be sure that with making this purchase I will be getting a product that lives up to what it is meant to do. Thanks again in advance.
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