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Originally Posted by Mo-Dave View Post
Thanks for taking the time to read and understand what I was posting. I suspected the same thing. but thought, this not being an injection it may be different somehow. I have decided not to brine the second half, instead I am going to boil it, remove the meat and probably have enough to make a turkey pop pie, and a pot of turkey noodles at a later date.

I would like to apologize to anyone I may have offended with my rather caustic post. I just get upset when it is apparent a post has not been read entirely before jumping on the key board to reply, I have been guilty of this myself and have no right to criticize others like I did. I wont make an excuse, except maybe my blood sugar was a little high at the time .
All is fine from my point of view. I posted my opinion, based on your question. Like all opinions, it is, at worst, good for a laugh. Your approach covers later usage, which was my point.
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