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Default How long can your UDS burn on one basket?

So I smoked a 10lb pork shoulder in my UDS starting at 9:45pm on friday night @230 until I woke up at 8am and decided to crank up the heat to get to eat the thing at lunch time; from 8am till 12pm she was cooking @ around 280-90 until done.

Man was she the best tasting pork Ive ever pulled.

After I pulled the pork from the UDS I closed all my vents and walked away; around 10PM (24 hours after starting the cook) I noticed my temps were still 230 in the UDS; I accidently left the exhust a tiny bit open.

This morning I looked to see just how much charcoal I had in the basket thinking majority would be all gone but nope; still got half a basket after shaking it out.

So my question to you is this: how long can your UDS hold temps if you let it go without stopping.

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