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It will freeze just fine if its vacuum sealed, but the dificult part is going to be cooking the smaller pieces. They are much less forgiving that way. I think you might be better off freezing after cooking.

Not that the small pieces can't be cooked well. I actually separate the point from the flat for competition, and trim pretty aggressively. I leave a 1/4" fat cap on the flat, and take most of the fat off of the point. If I start with a 12 lb packer I usually trim away roughly 1/4 of the weight of the brisket away. More if its IBP untrimmed. Leaves you with roughly a 5-6 lb flat and about a 3-4 lb point. Factor in a significant amount of shrinkage, and you probably have about half of the original weight. Still a lot for two people, but I think post cook portioning is the way to go.
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