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Originally Posted by aHughJassDude View Post
That's a good looking pit! Where'd you get the materials for it and everything?
There is a scrap iron company near us in Lansing, MI called Padnos they have several locations. You can check their website to see if there is one near you, if not I'm sure there is a similiar company. Anyway they have a 'useables' department where they sell old and new metal. They will even cut it to length, but you have to pay for each cut. Their prices are really good, about 1/3 of buying angle iron at home improvement stores. They have aluminum and stainless steel as well. I thought about using stainless for the sides, but I don't have a way to weld it. Cutting and drilling stainless would have been a nightmare for me too. So I went with mild steel and painted the outside with high temp grill paint.

Thanks everybody for all the compliments!
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